GoodSync 10.4

Back up and synchronize your local or remote folders
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GoodSync is a practical and lightweight tool that allows you to backup the contents of a folder or synchronize the contents of two folders. The program can work both with local ones (including those on pen drives and MTP devices) and with remote locations through FTP/SFTP, network directories and even cloud drives. You can create and manage multiple sync/backup jobs.

GoodSync offers a handy wizard for the creation of a new job, where you need to provide a name for it and select its type: a backup is a one-way task that makes and identical copy of the left folder's contents onto the right one, while a synchronization is a two-way task that copies and updates all the files that are different or missing between both folders. Once your task is created, you can define the left and right folders types and locations. You can select among multiple options including the local PC, windows shares, media devices (MTP), FTP/FTPS/SFTP, Google Drive, Amazon S3/Cloud Drive, Windows Azure, Dropbox and others. You can also use "GoodSync Connect", a service based on a proprietary protocol called GSTP which allows you to sync 2 devices using P2P techniques designed to provide very fast data transfers between 2 computers directly, without requiring an intermediate server.

Finally, once you have configured all the mentioned parameters, you can click on the "Analyze" button to get a report of the files that will be copied or moved between the folders, being you able to disable or change the action to be applied on a specific file. All that rests now is to press the "Sync" button to execute the task. If you are an expert, you will probably want to use the "Options" panel to configure the backup direction, the file versioning system for the updated/deleted files, the maximum number of parallel sync/backup jobs to be executed, create filters to exclude certain file types from the operation, create pre- and post analyze scripts, and schedule your jobs to be automatically executed at a specific day and time, or even every time the files change, among other advanced options.

Finally, the program allows you to group your jobs and to disable their automatic execution with one click. Also, it installs an extra utility called the "GoodSync Explorer", which keeps track of all your lately used locations, both local and remote, and gives you easy access to all their files. In conclusion, GoodSync is on of the most complete backup and synchronization tools available at the moment, so it's worth giving it a try. Unfortunately, you can only test it for 16 days after which you will need to buy a license to continue using it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Works both with local and remote locations.
  • Acts as a client for the most renowned cloud drive services.
  • Uses GSTP protocol to sync/backup files using P2P techniques.
  • Includes a file versioning system for your updated/deleted files.
  • Create customized filters and scripts for your jobs.
  • Schedule your jobs to be automatically executed.
  • Includes the "GoodSync Explorer" utility


  • Its trial version works for free for 16 days only
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