GoodSync 7.1

Keep your files and folders synchronized with a safe and effective tool
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When you work, even just occasionally, on multiple computers, you probably have to copy
files from one device to the other. Although you could memorize all of your file modifications,
there are better ways to apply your skills. Let GoodSync take care of recent
changes to your files. It looks for the latest version of a file, in specified folders,
and copies it to the other folders, i.e., it synchronizes them. Unlike other file
synchronization software which just copies files with the most recent file modification
time, GoodSync implements a sophisticated algorithm which does not depend on system
clock accuracy. GoodSync is fast, safe, stable, and easy-to-use. All you need to do is
to specify the local or network folders (directories) to be synchronized and the program
does the rest. If your computers are not connected, use a removable drive to synchronize them.

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