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GoodSync can sync folders efficiently and automatically
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GoodSync is a program to synchronize files and folders. Folders can be synchronized even if they are not similar. We can see the folders and files, their size, and similarity levels between them in a tree-view. All you need to do is to browse for the two folders.

The program is simple and easy to use. I like it because it is very useful in my Windows XP system. In Windows XP, file copying is done in a manner where any error will terminate the whole operation. So I use the automatic-sync for backing up my work folder. Auto-sync can be at program start-up, log-off (or shutdown), etc.

There are a lot of settings to customize. The synchronization can be "one-way" or bi-directional. We can set whether or not to delete a file if it is deleted from the sync folder. The program can also backup files which are deleted, but that must be explicitly specified.

This version has improved FTP and HTTP access. It can now Encrypt/Decrypt using EFS options to Windows file system. The view menu has options for Full Mode, Mini Mode, and Tray Icon. The tray icon now shows a list of currently running and recently finished tasks.

Zack Martin
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  • Automatic sync settings.
  • Good interface


  • Doesn't show a confirmation dialog even if the folders to synchronize are very big and have nothing in common
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