A file synchronization and backup tool to sync files across multiple devices

GoodSync is a file synchronization and backup tool to sync files across multiple devices and platforms. The app allows you to sync photos, music, videos, documents, and any other type of file that you deem important, in order to make them accessible anywhere or for backup purposes.

What GoodSync does is compare two folders to detect their differences and synchronize their contents. The app monitors folders at a set interval; when one of these folders is modified or updated, it will mirror the changes in its counterpart. With GoodSync it is possible to perform different types of synchronization tasks, including one-way syncing or backups. Chained Synchronization allows you to sync pairs of folders in sequence, while Embedded Jobs enables you to synchronize one folder to multiple targets.

For each folder pair that you want to sync, the program prompts you to create a new job. Then, you need to select the Left (source) and Right (target) folders. You can choose directories in a local disk, network location, FTP/SFPT and WebDAV servers, external drives, media devices, or folders in cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropxbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive.

After a comparative analysis, GoodSync will show each folder in a tree-like view, letting you easily browse through its contents. The left and right arrows between folder columns indicate the sync direction. From the Job Options menu, you can select the Job type (two-way sync or backup), set filters to include or exclude certain files, and schedule automatic sync tasks.

Additional job options include the possibility of running scripts, set encryption passwords, among other specific settings for the right and left folders.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Excellent synchronization tool
  • Works with local and remote folders
  • Works with the most popular cloud services
  • Includes a wide array of advanced features
  • Trial version is fully functional


  • The free version of GoodSync supports up to three Sync Jobs and 100 files
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